"...anything but formulaic, denying expectations of the usual literary form and replacing them with frustratingly beautiful snapshots of mediocre lives."

-Mous Magazine

"Bolaño, Cortázar and the great South Americans echo through the book, their presence nevertheless bleached by the Australian sun. And from a long way back, looking over the sheer joy and playfulness of these fictions is the original madman himself, Don Quixote...Some of the most exciting and challenging short fiction I've read in a long time."

-Luke Stegemann; Assicoate Publisher, The Griffith Review

Hang Him When He Is Not There | Nicholas John Turner

"Highly original and complex, Nicholas John Turner's debut collection Hang Him When He Is Not There is elusively intriguing. Each very different to the other in content but cohesive intellectually in its emotional connection with the reader, Turner's stories explore the nature of relationships, ask questions that are intellectually provocative and share his curiosities over a wide range of subjects from voting in elections to sick bags in aeroplanes.

       To quote one of his characters, 'Allow them to open this door and find me.' A fascinating mind to be found within these pages."

-The West Australian

The debut collection of fiction by Nicholas John Turner describes a world on the fringes of great art; editors, audiences, academics, amateurs, lovers, failures, onlookers and innocent bystanders. 

Each of these elusive stories emerges from its narrator’s mind and works its way under the reader’s skin. From a Centenarian stuck in a shrinking Parisian apartment, to twins arranging escorts on the Caribbean Coast; in place of clear narratives, straightforward logic, and neatly extractable meaning, Turner imposes the strange and irreducible philosophies of his marginal narrators. The effect is a series of curious and intimate profiles that brings an unnerving denominator to the surface, and takes the reader where mere pointing will not. 

Darkly comic, intellectually playful, its complexity unfolding with originality and deftness, 'Hang Him When He Is Not There' is a meditation on the relationship between artists and subjects, creations and beholders, and ultimately between violence and victims.

ISBN: 978-1519644534